I believe a painting does not merely show the colors, objects, people and moment; it contains the artist’s soul as well.

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Kenneth Tsang graduated from Baylor University in the United States in 2006, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. He also spent time in Tokyo, Japan and Florence, Italy studying art history, drawing and painting. Tsang is one of the founders of ‘light up our heART’, an art-educational project. Through this project, he cooperated with other artists in the fields of drama, installation and music. They have visited various secondary and primary schools to share their works.

  • 2006 "Best of painting" Emerging Texas Artist Award.
  • 2009 Solo exhibition ‘The Story of Art’ in White on White
  • 2010  MobArt Gallery organized a solo-exhibition ‘We Play Endlessly’
  • 2012  Invited by Dr. Yip Wai-hong to create oil paintings in his artistic work named New ‘Book of Genesis’, and cooperated with Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra in the concert.
  • 2014  Created Oil paintings for the concert animation of Dr. Yip Wai-hong’s Piano Concerto, ‘Temptations'
  • 2015  Created Oil paintings for the concert animation of "Pictures at an Exhibition"


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